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As of 03-Sep-2014
I've been making many changes to the site over the past few years, but most are invisible to our visitors (except for some experiments on different layouts), and I've not mentioned them on this page because the page content was not affected.
But I've been working on making the site "responsive" to different size viewers and devices, including PDAs, tablets, smaller laptops, and ever-larger desktop monitors. This includes significant changes to support very small screens, plus changing the layout and even the ad sizes for different experiences. Today it goes live for the entire site (I've been trialing the diamond pages only) - and I hope everyone agrees it's for the better!
I've also dropped the social media links, because few people ever used them (less than 1% of the visitors), and it slowed loading times, which I have succeeded in speeding up quite a bit.
As of 22-Oct-2011
The By Name pages now incorporate the various class names, additional mineral groups, and many of the rock pages.
I have begun the process of converting to "pretty names" to simplify our URL's. This will be completed in stages, and the previous links should continue to work.
One side effect is that long, duplicate mineral names such as Pharmocosiderite now work correctly.
As of 05-Dec-2010
A page describing Geodes was added. It's about time, considering that so many of our specimens (amethyst, okenite, celestite, many zeolites, agate bookends, etc.) are geodes.
As of 30-Nov-2010
A page describing The Official Minerals, Gemstones, and Rocks of the U.S.A. States was added.
As of 15-Nov-2010
A page describing The Evolution of Minerals was added.
As of 18-Oct-2010
The following varieties of Chalcedony (Cryptocrystalline Quartz) were added: 
  • Agate is a banded variety (sometimes with translucent bands)
  • Bloodstone is green with red speckles
  • Carnelian is yellow to orange
  • Chrysoprase is green
  • Flint is generally black with a fibrous microscopic structure
  • Jasper is any colorful agate
  • Onyx is black, white, or alternating black and white
  • Sard is yellow to brown
  • Sardonyx is banded, alternating sard and (usually white) onyx
As of 20-Feb-2010
The PRIMORDIAL ROCKS section was expanded, adding:
As of 14-Feb-2010
The following new major rock type was added:
As of 03-Feb-2009
  • We received the following award:
    Encyclopedia Britannica  selected Amethyst Galleries' Mineral Gallery as one of the Web's Best Sites for 2009
As of 23-Dec-2008
The following new mineral description was added:
  • BRANNERITE (Uranium Calcium Titanium Iron Oxide)
As of 04-Dec-2008
The following new mineral description was added:
As of 17-Nov-2008
We have added these pages to our section on Diamonds:
As of 12-Nov-2008
We have earned these certificates:

    SSL Certificates
    This certifies that we have proven our business identification, demonstrating that Amethyst Galleries, Inc., is indeed a legitimate business and operates this web site. Click on the seal for a live check.
    SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe
    SecurityMetrics PCI Certified
    These certificates show that we've implemented strict safeguards to insure safe and secure processing of credit cards. Note that our systems don't gather or record credit card information; we depend upon Verisign Payment Services (now PayPal PayFlow Link) to validate credit cards and to record any necessary information. We simply gather order and shipping data.
    SecurityMetrics Identity Theft Protected This seal certifies that we maintain a hacker-free environment, with ongoing safeguards to insure that we stay that way. Your information is safe here, we never sell it or share it (except as required to receive credit card payment). Our pages are virus free, and we never employ pop-ups or other unsavory practices.
As of 02-Dec-2007
We have completed these pages:
As of 24-Nov-2007
We added the following gemstone variety:
  • PRASIOLITE (a leek-green variety of quartz, sometimes called Green Amethyst)
As of 29-Oct-2007
We have completed these pages:
As of 22-Oct-2007
We have made minor improvements to several of the > Rock pages, and completed these pages:
As of 01-Oct-2007
We have completed stubs on the major > Rock types and have largely completed these pages:
As of 27-Aug-2007
We have begun an extensive section on > Rocks - The Home of Minerals, including these pages:
As of 24-Nov-2006
We greatly extended our Ice page, adding many photographs of various Ice crystals.
As of 20-Aug-2006
We added a page recommending our > Favorite Gem & Mineral Books
As of 30-Oct-2005
The following new mineral descriptions have been added:
  • XONOTLITE (Calcium Silicate Hydroxide)
  • TINAKSITE (Potasium Sodium Calcium Manganese Titanium Iron Oxide Silicate Hydroxide)
  • NICKEL (Ni)
As of 06-Aug-2004
Added an Aluminum page.
Expanded the Birthstone page adding expanded links to each month's primary birthstone.

As of 12-Mar-2004

We published our Privacy, Security, Honesty, and Accuracy policies.

As of 08-May-2003

We have converted credit card processing to a secure server. If you have any questions, problems, or comments, please e-mail them to coveysd@galleries.com.
As of 27-Apr-2003
  • We have added a new page, By_Discount which lists our inventory by its discount, so that it is really easy to find our bargains.
  • This page also lists our Special Specimens to make it easy to find all of those specimens which we believe are "special" due to their appearance, quality, or other considerations.
  • These lists are updated automatically once each week.

As of 19-Nov-2002

The following new mineral descriptions have been added:

As of 24-Oct-2002

We just discovered a number of mineral species descriptions that were already on our site, but were left out of the alphabetic "by name" lists. These were only accessible using the Search function or via cross links from other pages. Here are the missing minerals:
ALUNITE (Potassium Aluminum Sulfate Hydroxide)
ARTHURITE (Hydrated Copper Iron Arsenate Phosphate Sulfate)
AUSTINITE (Calcium Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide)
BAYLDONITE (Hydrated Copper Lead Arsenate Hydroxide)
BERYLLONITE (Sodium Beryllium Phosphate)
BUERGERITE (Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro-silicate Oxide Fluoride)
CALCIOVOLBORTHITE (Calcium Copper Vanadate Hydroxide)
CALOMEL (Mercury Chloride)
CHALCOSIDERITE (Hydrated Copper Iron Phosphate Hydroxide)
COCONINOITE (Hydrated Iron Aluminum Uranyl Phosphate Sulfate Hydroxide)
CROCIDOLITE (asbestiform variety of Riebeckite, Sodium Iron Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide)
GADOLINITE (Yttrium Iron Beryllium Silicate)
HUREAULITE (Hydrated Manganese Phosphate Hydroxide)
JAROSITE (Potassium Iron Sulfate Hydroxide)
KORNERUPINE (Magnesium Aluminum Iron Boro-silicate Hydroxide)
KUTNOHORITE (Calcium Magnesium Carbonate)
LAUEITE (Hydrated Manganese Iron Phosphate Hydroxide)
LIROCONITE (Hydrated Copper Aluminum Arsenate Hydroxide)
MIXITE (Hydrated Bismuth Copper Arsenate Hydroxide)
NATROJAROSITE (Sodium Iron Sulfate Hydroxide)
PACHNOLITE (Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminum Fluoride)
PARADAMITE (Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide)
PARASYMPLESITE (Hydrated Iron Arsenate)
PHARMACOLITE (Hydrated Calcium Arsenate Hydroxide)
PHARMACOSIDERITE (Hydrated Potassium Iron Arsenate Hydroxide)
PHOSPHOPHYLLITE (Hydrated Zinc Iron Manganese Phosphate)
PUCHERITE (Bismuth Vanadate)
RHENIITE (Rhenium Sulfide)
RIEBECKITE (Sodium Iron Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide)
ROCKBRIDGEITE (Iron Manganese Phosphate Hydroxide)
ROSELITE (Hydrated Calcium Cobalt Magnesium Arsenate)
SAINFELDITE (Hydrated Calcium Arsenate Hydroxide)
SCHOLZITE (Hydrated Calcium Zinc Phosphate)
SPERRYLITE (Platinum Arsenide)
STRUNZITE (Calcium Zinc Arsenate Hydroxide)
SYMPLESITE (Hydrated Iron Arsenate)
TEPHROITE (Manganese Silicate)
TSUMCORITE (Hydrated Lead Zinc Iron Arsenate)

As of 25-Nov-2001

  • Amethyst Galleries is pleased to announce an on-going Inventory Reduction Sale. Most of our mineral specimens are on sale, and the "By Name" lists indicate which minerals have sale items, and the "Sale" links point to the first "on sale" specimen for each mineral.
  • With some exceptions, specimens that have been in our inventory for over 1 year have a 10% discount, over 2 years a 20% discount, and so forth. There are specimens that we have had for more than 5 years, and they have a 50% discount, and a few specimens have even better discounts.
  • The lists (and the discounts) are updated every weekend (Sunday morning for us), so if an extra 10% is important to you, check back often!
  • This is an excellent time to review our inventory, and find those bargains that are just too good to pass up.
  • Happy hunting!

As of 12-Nov-2001

The following new mineral and group descriptions have been added:

As of 02-Dec-2000

The following new mineral and group descriptions have been added:

As of 30-April-2000

The following new mineral descriptions have been added:

Classes of Minerals


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